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Great Gorillas launches today!

Posted: 23/07/2013
Great Gorillas launches today!

The Great Gorillas trail will launches today with The Great Gorillas Flotilla which will see 10 boats with the life-size painted model gorillas on board sailing across Tor Bay.

This extraordinary spectacle takes place on Tuesday 23rd July and has been sponsored by Greenway Ferry.

All 12 Greenway Ferry vessels will be involved and will be plying their normal routes during the day, complete with gorillas on board, during the day before gathering for the mass sailing in the evening.

350 lucky readers of the Herald Express will be on board some of the vessels this evening from 7.30pm for the 2 hour evening sailing having claimed free tickets from the recent reader offer. If you were not lucky enough to get a ticket you can watch spectacle throughout the day and evening. The best vantage points for catching a glimpse of the Great Gorillas taking to the water tonight are:

For more information on the Greenway Ferry servives running through the day, please visit their website.


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