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How To Paint A Gorilla

Posted: 04/07/2013
How To Paint A Gorilla

Paignton Zoo’s Great Gorillas Project is well under way. The Project, celebrating the 90thbirthday of the Zoo, will see life-size model gorillas sponsored by businesses, painted in original designs by specially-commissioned artists and displayed in public, creating a unique art trail around Exeter and the English Riviera.

Artist Malcolm Law has created Cool Ice Cream Bananas Gorilla for the Princesshay Shopping Centre in Exeter. He filmed the whole process, so you can see exactly how to paint a gorilla.

Click this link to watch a YouTube video of the creation of Cool Ice Cream Bananas Gorilla

As a ceramicist, Malcolm is used to working in 3D – but not on this scale. “I’m always limited by the size of the kiln!” Malcolm’s inspiration is also local: “The idea for Cool Ice Cream Bananas came from the fact that the South West is a major tourist area and I wanted a fun link between a gorilla and tourism. The ice cream cornet is a classic image of tourism, with the chocolate flake replaced by a banana. The blue represents the sky and the sea. The reflective orange sunglasses give him a detached feeling of coolness!”

Wayne Pearce, Princesshay Centre Director, added: “Malcolm’s design immediately attracted our attention and we think shoppers will enjoy and appreciate our gorilla’s fun, summer inspired look while on display in Princesshay this August. We’re looking forward to seeing the final result and are pleased to be involved in this exciting project.”

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